Retirement Property

Costa Rica retirement property

Costa Rica retirement will get you thinking and wondering about how good of an investment is if you are starting to plan your retirement years and worrying about how the state of the economy will affect your lifestyle after you turn 65. Retirement in Costa Rica will get you thinking if you are watching your friends make plans to cash in their paper assets, downsize into smaller homers and cut down on spending. These are the kind of situations that many people are going through in the middle of a recession in the United States right now, but if you have imagined about having more than that, the Costa Rica retirement is something you should look in to.

Costa Rica retirement, a living and investment adventure, has been the discovery for some people who wanted to make the dream a reality and retire in style. It is all about the real estate market and those who are experts in the matter usually say Costa Rica has one of the most stable markets in the world, but with much cheaper prices than in the US. Amazing beach houses can be found at about $300,000 or buying just a piece of land near the beach can cost as low as $100,000, the perfect opportunity to build a dream home.

People used to visit Costa Rica only to spend some time vacationing, but that is no longer the reality, since more and more foreigners are looking into a Costa Rica retirement, especially Americans, among others. They usually do it through the same process, investing in property that is sure to go up in value for years to come while spending their retirement years having fun in the sun. Many have doubt about how this is done and the following are a few examples of why people decide to retire in Costa Rica.

  • It is only 2 hours away. Costa Rica is only 2 hours away from Florida and the comforts of North America. Costa Rica retirement is like being away but right next door, so a long weekend or a family visit is easy and quick.
  • The language helps. Of course, not everybody speaks English, but no matter where you are, the probability is that someone in the area is able to translate. A large majority of the people know some English and most of them will be more than glad to help you or at least give it a shot.
  • The cost of living helps. The cost of living is lower than in the US and there are some items which are shockingly inexpensive, while others are what you are used to at home. Entertainment is about what you are used to, but groceries and services are much cheaper.
  • The Health Care is amazing. Health Care in Costa Rica is known for being one of the best in the world and with an inexpensive price tag. With many doctors trained in the US or Europe and very modern hospitals and equipment, you won’t have many issues with the service.
  • Medicare is available. The Costa Rican government has made great efforts to allow your Medicare checks to be deposited in Costa Rican banks directly.
  • Property ownership is easy. In Costa Rica there are no limitations for foreigners who want to own property. Foreigners have the same right as Costa Ricans and are treated as equals according to the law. Actually, foreigners don’t even have to reside in the country to own property.
  • The beauty is unmistakable. The words Cost Rica actually mean Rich Coast, a name Christopher Columbus bestowed on this country overflowing with natural beauty, lush rain forests, mountains, cloud forests, and sandy beaches. Costa Rica is world famous for its diverse natural habitat and beautiful sunsets.