Jaco Beach

At Jaco Beach, you can also enjoy of many one day tours that includes water rafting in rivers classes 2 and 3, ATV rides through adventurous trails through dirt roads and small creeks. Do you enjoy sports fishing? This is a famous sport that is practiced by many foreigners whom come to the country in search of the perfect vacation.

The night life at this coastal town is quite attractive, as it offers many options for all types of people. From clubs playing reggae music, others where you can appreciate some good live Jazz to more crowded and spacious places such as discotheques where you can party till dawn.

If you wish to visit Jaco Beach, the best time to do it is between the months of January through April, which are the the most dry ones, but if you come during this time, take into consideration that many other tourists are also planning to arrive during that period and will make it a little bit more difficult for you to find a table at a restaurant, for example, but don’t worry about accommodations, as there is many 5 star hotels and plenty other less luxurious ones which will allow to acquire the type of room you are looking for according to your traveling needs.

Jaco Beach is located just 50 minutes from San Jose, the capital city, and just about the same distance from the Juan Santamaria international airport, which is the main entrance for foreigners in the country, the other one being the Daniel Oduber International located in Liberia city, Guanacaste.

Jaco Beach Tips and Infomation

Jaco Beach, when you look back and see the appearance of this seaside town a decade ago, you were probably could notice that this was a place that was beginning to grow, and when you see it now, you will be amazed with all of which you can currently found here.

In Jaco Beach, many services are available, including some exclusive ones as this city is the most developed one in the whole central American region due to the arrival of many foreign companies whom allow American citizens to enjoy of the same facilities they will find in their local hometowns.

The people at Jaco Beach is very amicable, so you won’t have problems to adapt, plus, the majority of the locals speaks English, allowing you to communicate without any complications. Amongst the individuals living at Jaco Beach, there is a good number of surfers, some whom are international champions.

The stunning waves present here are the main reason for the existence of a growing surfing community, so, if you are fond of water sports, specially this one, you will enjoy owning a seaside property here, since you will have the chance to practice in a privileged place that is famous worldwide and where you will witness experienced international surfers doing what they do best in a regular basis.

Even though this is a local Mecca for surfers, the most hardcore ones practice at the adjacent beaches, one of them is Playa Hermosa, and the other one is Playa Herradura. The latest one is home for Marina Los Sueños, where many deluxe yachts add to the breathtaking landscape of the area.

Jaco Beach is also famous for offering many Eco-tourism options such as canopy tours, that will allow you to get another perspective of this coastal urban settlement, as this magnificent seaside town is located in the middle of a rain forest, where many animal species live together in harmony. Since Costa Rica is home for 5% of the worldwide biodiversity, you will find a great variety of exotic animals living in the forests adjacent to the center of the city.