For a lot of people, the fulfillment of a lifelong dream and then finally to retire in a home that they own, a home that they don’t have to worry about paying rent for, a home that would never give up on them and a home that would always be there and provide them with a shelter is indeed an important thing to have when you are old and grey. When we are talking about owning a home in Costa Rica, you should indeed aim to own one by the beach because you can treat it like a vacation home and go there whenever you want. You can go and chill there away from all of your worries, responsibilities and pressures. It can be like your very own personal gateway to paradise.

Your motivation can indeed be anything for purchasing property in Costa Rica, and there is indeed plenty to think about and even consider before you actually take the plunge. In fact, you would indeed be purchasing a property in a very rich and diverse country if you do indeed end up buying one because that place does indeed hold a lot of wealth and a lot of opportunities as well. You will also realize that the cost of living is also way lesser than most metropolitan cities. In this guide, I will talk about the many pros and cons about owning or purchasing property in Costa Rica.

Here are the pros.

  • One of the biggest draws about purchasing property over there is the fact that you can indeed enjoy all of the same rights as the locals. This would mean that you would purchase the property and you would be constitutionally assured for increased peace of mind.
  • You could also avoid planning issues with no problems at all. You should also know that when you are buying existing property in Costa Rica as opposed to what you want to build on your own, you will also avoid having to actually navigate the permissions and even the building codes. This would mean that you can actually start enjoying a home right away.
  • The existing infrastructure will give you access to water, gas, electricity and all kinds of other utilities.

Here are some cons because not everything can indeed be perfect.

  • You would be tied to a property. Unlike purchasing land, when you want to buy a property in Costa Rica, you will indeed be tied to a general layout and build quality as well. Some investors could find that building something from scratch would be more suited to their needs.
  • Shared spaces would indeed particularly be in consideration when you are purchasing condominiums or even apartments. They will also need to be maintained, and that would require a fee indeed. You would have to sacrifice some privacy.